Destroy Your Art 2018 will take place Friday, August 10 at 7PM at Silent Funny. Select filmmakers will present original short films that will be viewed and then destroyed entirely in front of the only audience that will see them.
Participating artists and ticket information announced soon.  

Destroy Your Art was founded by Rebecca Fons and Jack C. Newell in 2017.
You can find it on Facebook and Instagram

Destroy Your Art was born out of a desire to explore the permanence of film as well as the impermanence of the audience experience. You can watch a film again and again, but your experience seeing it for the first time or with a particular audience cannot be kept. Destroy Your Art challenges our current obsessions with moments - Snapchat, Instagram stories - and invites an audience to witness something more intentional, and in a singularly unrepeatable event, giving the artists permission to take risks that they might not otherwise take.